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 Personal Training Eugene, OR

"I was stuck in a rut going to the gym 6 days a week and not seeing any progress.  With the help of Genuine Fitness, I was able to see the results I longed for. Inspirational and caring trainers that are there to help you achieve success! Hands down the cleanest, funnest personal gym around!"



Your first time training at a gym can be intimidating and foreign. We get it. That's why Genuine Fitness was created as a Private Facility where you are never judged or gawked at.  Our system is created around helping you achieve your fitness goals regardless of where your starting point may be.  Thousands of pounds have been lost in our facility among the 50 plus years of combined programming that we have provided. Hundreds of pounds of muscle has been established with our perfectly selected resistance training equipment.  Furthermore, dozens of clients have progressed to the point where they have competed in marathons, bodybuilding shows, and beauty pageants with our individualized programs.

Never trained with a personal trainer?  No worries! Our beginner system is easy to understand and even easier to follow.  Your first session establishes a starting point and a small term goal, easily attained through minor physical and nutritional changes.  From there, we provide a Body Composition with which we identify weaknesses to prioritize.  Our first training sessions also schedule our initial meetings, with days and hours that work for you!  All due's and payments can be made with whatever system is easiest on the client.  Want to pay as you go? No problem! Want to purchase a session package? Save Money and create a commitment toward the new you! We are here to serve you. 

  • Body Composition
  • Fat Loss
  • Resistance Training Programs
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Supplemental Guidance
  • Contest Preparation
Private Personal Training Eugene, Oregon