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"I had never lifted weights when I began working out at Genuine Fitness. I come from a background of being destructive in many ways. Since working with Kiana, these tendencies have subsided to almost non-existent. I credit Kiana with this because of her enthusiasm, positive attitude, and constant encouragement. I am now stronger and healthier than I've been in years, even though I was a long distance runner before succumbing to injury. My trainer has worked around these injuries and has motivated me to want to be better even at 55 years old!"                                                   



Welcome to Personal Training in Eugene, Oregon! Genuine Fitness provides a private, clean, enjoyable atmosphere where you can achieve the results you deserve.

Genuine Fitness is a private training facility for professional personal trainers to utilize for their client's needs.  Our trainers provide over 20 years of combined training experience!

We offer a wide range of fitness and training services including Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Accountability, Contest Preparation, and Professional Coaching.

"When I saw that Carrie joined with Genuine Fitness as a personal trainer, I decided to train with her as I wanted to train with the best. And believe me, it is very obvious when you go into their gym that they are the best at what they do. She kicks my butt every time I go in, and because of that I know I'm getting stronger in the process. Getting strong and fit is a journey worth taking and I'm so happy its with Carrie."



                                   -Jennifer Hicks

Private Personal Training Eugene, Oregon